Performing Arts Master Class

Ken Richters takes a common sense approach to the business of performing, with this knowledgeable and pragmatic examination of the problems faced by today's performing artist. In a statement-question and answer format, he speaks to the creative and financial aspects of professional performing. The well-paced lecture and workshop is punctuated with behind-the-scenes anecdotes on auditions, rehearsals, and personalities in television, film, Broadway, and touring companies.

American Literature Class

After more than 1500 performances as “Mark Twain”, and spending close to two years researching the author, Ken Richters brings a new perspective to the works of this truly American treasure. This humorous and poignant lecture questions the accepted notion that “Mark Twain’s writings directly paralleled the major events of his personal life,” providing chapter and verse arguments to the theory that Twain was an atheist, and that in later life stopped caring for the world he so loved in his youth. Included in this lecture are readings from the author's lesser known works - some of which were published after his death.


StageBusiness™ Ken Richters, principal and founder of the International Production Company based in Connecticut, is known throughout the entertainment industry for his versatility and style. As a corporate motivational speaker he understands both the art and business of show business with insightful detail -- successfully surviving "self-unemployment" for more than 40 years.

What can I say Ken, you bring the house down every time you speak for us.

Lloyds of London

StageBusiness™ is unique, funny and inspiring motivational and keynote address. A successful actor and businessman, Richters is on the outside looking in. He knows how to stay motivated in a profession with a 98% unemployment rate. A career where the average worker makes less than $1000 a year. He knows how to make cold calls and how to pitch pros who pride themselves on being hard sells. He knows success is all about talent, dedication, and determination.

StageBusiness™ is a dynamic and inspirational presentation with an excitement that only veteran actor Ken Richters can bring to the stage:

"Talent is subjective. When you sell a product -- whether it's a dramatic role, a comedy bit or a commercial pitching soap -- with your subjective value, you get used to hearing NO! "Very nice, we'll be in touch ... Is your phone number on the resume? Thanks, it was good of you to stop in. We should be making a decision in a couple of weeks. ... You're certainly under consideration." And the most painful of all replies can happen half-way through your audition piece (your sales pitch) ... a loud, clear, startling, and non-ambiguous Thank you." There is no comeback to the dreaded 'thank you' (although I've been known to ask, "Was it something I said?") Selling is, after all, a game of numbers. If you want to enjoy the overwhelming pleasure that comes from hearing the word Yes, be prepared to accept the pain of No. No matter what the sales-to-close ratio for your industry, it's usually a lot of No's before you hear Yes. The trick is to remember that every time you hear No, it's one less No to go before the big Yes. It's all a game of numbers."

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